Graphic Design


Graphic Design knows no limits, it can be a simple line of text or a multicolored masterpiece. Getting your artwork to look as good on a garment as it does on your computer monitor isn’t impossible, it just takes some time and a little creativity. If you don’t have artwork, that’s okay too, we can work with you to create the perfect design.


Font selection, manipulation, placement are all very important parts of great graphic design. We can create simple or complicated type designs that look great on any garment. The process consists of arranging type in a way that makes the language visible and effectively delivers your message.

Artwork Recreation

If your artwork is not print-ready, that’s okay. We can most likely recreate your artwork so that it is. The only exemption is pixelated photo-realistic artwork (unless you want a pixelated t-shirt design.)

Original Artwork

No artwork, no problem. All we need are your ideas and we can produce a collaborative design worthy of putting on a garment. We’ll discuss all the details, produce some sketches and once we’re all on the same page we can provide an estimated art time.

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