Screen Printing


We specialize in silk screen printing on: t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and many other garments. One of the main objectives here at Elevate Creation is to provide premium quality screen printing services at affordable prices. To accomplish this, we continuously test different production techniques and strive to maximize processing efficiency.

Standard Screen Printing

We offer spot color printing which uses plastisol inks and is no more than 3-4 colors. Halftones can be used in designs to give the effect of gradients but the ink colors won’t blend together. Plastisol inks are the most commonly used inks in the printing industry, they work well on many different types of fabrics and textures and come in a wide variety of opaque colors. The screen printing process consists of pressing plastisol ink threw a silk screen onto the fibers of the garment and then heating. This creates a strong bond between the fabric and ink resulting in vibrant and durable prints.

Light Colored Garments

Minimum 1 color, maximum 4 colors.
Vibrant, consistant and opaque color prints.
No under base required, resulting in soft, lite weight prints.

Dark Colored Garments

Minimum 1 color, maximum 3 colors (maximum 4 colors when one of those colors is white)
Under base is used to avoid muted or dull colors.
Using an under base can result in a heavier print.

Minimum Order Quantitites

We have a 12 piece minimum for a single 1-4 color design. Bulk discounts are also available.
Quote requests consisting of fewer than 24 pieces will not be ignored and will require special consideration.

Mix and Match Garments
Garment styles can be mixed and matched by the dozen within the minimum order quantity (Example: 12 sweatshirts and 12 t-shirts.) The same artwork must be used across all the garment styles in the print run. Please keep in mind that artwork will be sized to fit the smallest garment in the order. If different artwork sizes are needed then a separate order will need to be made and meet the minimum order requirements.
Ink Colors
There are 21 standard ink colors to choose from at no additional charge. Specific colors can be matched, just mention the desired color(s) in your quote request or we can match it from submitted artwork. Ink color changes during a print run are available for 12 or more pieces and is $15 per color, per change.
Turnaround Times

Standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days from the time of invoice, artwork approval and receipt of deposit or payment. If there is a deadline for your order, please mention the date when ordering. Turnaround time depends on the needs of each customer and our current production schedule because of this, we can’t guarantee turnaround times. Shipping time is not included in the turnaround time, so please keep this in mind when placing time-sensitive orders.

The Process
Quote Request and Artwork Submission

Once a Quote Request has been submitted and the artwork file(s) have been emailed to us, we use the submitted information to generate a quote for this print job. If we are creating artwork for you, our design rate will be included in this quote.

Invoice and Artwork Proof

Quotes that have been accepted by the customer are converted into orders and an invoice is generated and emailed. This detailed invoice includes a breakdown of the order, artwork proof and garment mock-up. This invoice allows us to verify that the order is correct and to answer any questions you may have before production begins. A deposit acts as approval of the invoice and artwork proof.

Artwork Color Separation & Film Output

A piece of film is produced for each color in a design and is exposed onto individual screens. Each screen is set on the press and loaded with a specific color to be printed. The process of simplifying artwork into single color components is called color separation. Once the art is separated, a film positive is produced for each color.

Screen Exposure, Prep and Set-up

Screen exposure or “burning screens” is the process of creating a stencil onto a screen using a film positive. We coat our screens with a light sensitive photo emulsion and leave them to dry. The film positive is then positioned on the screen and exposed with intense light for a set amount of time. After the screen has been exposed, it is sprayed with water to clear the emulsion out of the image area. Once the screen has dried from the washout, block-out and tape are used to cover up any open areas that are not part of the design, this prevents undesired ink from getting on a garment. Once the screen has been prepped, it is set on the screen printing press, if there is more than one screen they are registered/aligned with one another to achieve the desired multicolor print.

Print, Completion and Shipping

After the screens have been set-up, the specific ink colors are mixed and loaded onto each screen. Garments that require an under base and some multi-colored designs may require flashes (brief intervals of intense heat to dry a layer of ink) before the next layer of ink can be applied. Once all the layers of ink have been applied to the garment it is cured (long interval of intense heat to completely dry all layers of ink and create a strong bond with the fabric) and ready to be boxed. Once production has been completed the customer is notified with an invoice for the remaining amount. Once we’ve received the final payment your order is shipped with a tracking number.